Association of European Business: Uzbekistan has not been exporting cars to Russia for almost a year now

Ravon has not been selling cars in Russia for 11 months, the Association of European Business reports.

In April 2019, the company did not sell a single car in the Russian market, because they were not on sale. For comparison: in April 2018, 576 cars were sold, and in January-April 2018 – 4676 units.

At present, the company's market share is 0%. This is due to the fact that Ravon sold the last car in Russia in May 2018. Then the automobiles disappeared from most dealer centers in Russia.

Uzbekistan stopped car exports in mid-2018. By the end of the year, Uzavtosanoat reported that a batch of cars had been dispatched to study the situation in foreign markets. Later, exports have been resumed to many countries. But exports to the Russian main markets have been halted.