Ignatiy Nesterov suspended from football for eight months

AFC have suspended the goalkeeper of the national team of Uzbekistan Ignatiy Nesterov from football for eight months. Football expert Alisher Nikimbayev wrote about it on his telegram channel. Reportedly, Nesterov could have been imprisoned for 16 months.

The disqualification period is calculated from February 13 and the goalkeeper will be able to participate in games starting from October 13, can sign a contract with any club starting from August 13 and begin training.

It should be noted that Nesterov was invited by the Saudi Arabian FC “Ohod” for his exciting performance at the Asian Cup as a part of the national team of Uzbekistan.

Earlier it was reported that the Asian Football Confederation Disciplinary and Ethics Committee suspected Ignatiy Nesterov of consuming prohibited substance and banned him from football.

Nesterov is the only player who participated in the Asian Cup 5 times.