Radio Ozodlik accused of organizing information campaign against Komil Allamjonov 

Radio Ozodlik intentionally provoked a negative information campaign against Komil Allamjonov, director of the Agency for Information and Mass Communications (AIMC), with the support of 48 fake accounts, the agency’s website reported.

It should be recalled that the other day Allamjonov gave an interview to blogger Kirill Altman on development of the media and a number of problems in society.

It is noted that Radio Ozodlik in the Uzbek segment of the Facebook social network published a part of the interview related to his statement on changing the human behavior and its perception of reality depending on the degree of economic development, which was taken out of the general context.

“Unlike other media outlets, Ozodlik Radio presented this quote of Komil Allamjonov in a form that was distorted, taken out of the context, and gave it a negative connotation, thereby outlining its true goal – the intention to denigrate the AIMC head. As a result, over two days this material was negatively perceived by the public, more than 730 comments accumulated under it, about 500 of which were negative, defaming Komil Allamjonov,” the AIMC stated.

According to the agency, most of the comments were posted from 48 fake profiles that lacked any personal information and photos. In particular, the most active fake profiles were Ivap Svirav, Gijduvan Bukhara, Miniyozov Farxod, etc.

“As the analysis showed, an information campaign was launched through such fake profiles, the purpose of which was to exaggerate and make the public think that Komil Allamjonov is only interested in making money and, like many other officials of Uzbekistan, does not care about ordinary people. At the same time, allegations of corruption and calls for his resignation from the post of AIMC director were also voiced,” the report said.

In this regard, the agency is conducting a study of such accounts to identify their IP data, which will be subsequently transferred to the appropriate authorities for the adoption of measures envisaged by law.

AIMC believes that Radio Ozodlik continues to be a supporter of dishonest methods of information work and a violator of the principles of journalistic activity and ethics. At the same time, the leadership of this media did not respond to the previously sent official AIMC appeals.